Dario's Lab


New Moth bow mechanism developed with Scott Babbage now available from SailingBits.
CarbonicBoats worked with Scott to develop a system with less friction, almost zero play, and built-in adjustment of gearing and wand length.

Four prototypes incorporating different shapes and bearing materials were created and tested before the production version could be signed off.
A great project for learning about the complex tradeoffs between mechanical efficiency, weight, reliability, repeatability of tolerances and cost effectiveness.

Milled from a single block of aluminium the new design takes out the wobble and play from other systems. With a larger diameter axle, and bronze bearings, the bow mech takes away the opportunity for unwanted movement that develops in other designs.

Incorporating adjustable gearing, adjustable wand and a large fast-point variation, you have a large range of adjustment to get you through the full range of conditions.

And for all those aero junkies, it incorporates and aerofoil maystick to reduce drag.

Available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Purple & Yellow.

Order yours now by going to: http://www.sailingbits.com/class-specific/moth-bow-mechanism/