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Carbonix partners with SA Power Networks to use UAVs for aerial inspections in Australia

Carbonix has partnered with SA Power Networks and communications technology provider Nokia to advance the use of long-range Un-Crewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in aerial inspection work and flood monitoring on remote electricity distribution network assets.

In the initial phase of the partnership, a Carbonix Volanti UAV was used to prove the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capability using Nokia industry-leading private wireless solution, Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC), for industrial-grade reliable and long-range wireless network connectivity. This paved the way for a continuation of the partnership in which Carbonix UAVs demonstrated LiDAR capabilities for maintenance and flood water monitoring at remote asset locations.

“Carbonix long-range UAVs will enable asset owners and operators to carry out inspections on remote linear infrastructure by providing an extended flight range of over 500km on par with helicopters at significantly reduced cost and impact on communities and the environment. The partnership with SA Power Networks and Nokia is a great testament of driving innovation in a traditionally conservative industry and we are honoured to be working with these two great companies,” says Carbonix CEO, Philip van der Burg.