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Interesting Times

Great interview with Martin Fischer on Catamaran Racing News and Design.Discusses Paradox (on which he consulted providing CFD and optimisation services as well as one of the initial foil geometry concepts) and other foiling multihull projects…

Rule Driven

I prepared this diagram for the last installment of the series on foils to be published in Australian Sailing + Yachting Magazine. It illustrates a great example of how rule spaces drive solutions that may differ to address the same problem. This a seminal time in the development of dynamically stable foiling systems for racing. Since the […]

Not What it Said on the Box

I found the following interesting enough to post and comment on. It is an open letter to the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) by somebody who was associated with a credible prospective competitor.  Given my experiences as part of an official competitor that found the ever changing new format untenable, I would broadly agree with the […]

2011 Retrospective Part 4 of 4

During this year dominated by AC preparations, Carbonicboats simmered along with a couple of architectural projects, aerospace consultancy, assorted mods and optimisation jobs for clients, RC yacht development, and lately some limited work on our A Cat test platform. Personally I took every opportunity to get out on the water on multihulls big and small, […]

2011 retrospective Part 3 of 4

Needless to say, this turn of events was surprising and extremely disappointing because the athletic and technical sides of the team had grown to be truly formidable.The record shows the calibre of the names involved. Perhaps more importantly in such a collaborative undertaking, promising constructive relationships were growing within the group. The sailing and shore […]

2011 Retrospective Part 2 of 4

Fortunately, the chance arose to apply these lessons when Carbonicboats was hired almost immediately by the then Official Challenger from Italy. Having done my homework on their funding, management, and philosophy, I was impressed by the commercial approach they advocated and (vitally) comfortable that the backing was in place to implement the strategies they had […]

2011 Retrospective Part 1 of 4

It is that time of the year again: summer (Southern Hemisphere) and fast approaching festivities to welcome 2012… I thought it timely to reflect on 2011 and update the blog that has been somewhat neglected among the hectic activities during this very interesting year. It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. […]