Dario's Lab

Checking In

Click here to read a Q&A Session with Martin Vanzulli who is doing a great job of keeping the A Class website up to date as well as running the Catsailingnews blog.

The interview covers our V3 Paradox A Class design (nearing production) as well as our ongoing foil R&D work.

The final questions are about how some of our recent experiments with control system foils fit with the A Class rule. We reiterate that our design decisions for production are informed by proactive consultation with the Technical Committee to make sure we are always within current rule interpretations when introducing innovations to the market.

Experimental work goes on in parallel. It is aimed at demonstrating what is possible and, increasingly, at satisfying market demand for ‘pure’ full foiling solutions.

Personally my hope is that fair, objective, literal and consistent rule interpretations will allow further development within a knowable and predictable design space.