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The Australian Drone industry is expanding and the recent capital raise by Carbonix is a perfect example. Carbonix recently raised  AU$6.3 million in late seed funding.  The round, which was oversubscribed, includes listed Defence aerospace manufacturer Quickstep Holdings Limited (ASX: QHL) (“Quickstep”) who invested $1M - adding a strategic dimension to the mix of individuals and small funds taking up the opportunity.

This week, Mirragin’s Andrew Crowe had a chat with Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Carbonix, Dario Valenza. Andrew and Dario discuss:

Dario’s background, and how he got into the drone industry (through competitive yacht sailing boat design!),

the recent capital raise,

Carbonix’s technology

‘Drones as a Service’, and

what’s next for Carbonix.

It’s amazing watching this fantastic, maturing and industry grow!


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