Dario's Lab

Farewell 2014

Some images looking back on a year of regrouping, transition, and growth:

Production L rudders, proven at the A Class Catamaran Worlds
Mould for experimental T rudder elevator with junction bulb.  Part of extensive R&D work on appendages
Rudder gudgeon assembly with ‘between races’ rake adjustment
Experimental gudgeons with ‘on the fly’ rake adjustment
via tiller extension twist-grip
Billet rudder cassette. Our concept of ‘dagger’ rudders with offset axis has been widely adopted
First A Class ‘V’ foil concept. ‘Inspiration’ for current Z foils
Retrofit foil case kit with rotating bearings
Moth bow swivel fitting developed with Scott Babbage. Production version available here: http://www.sailingbits.com/class-specific/moth-bow-mechanism/
Moth bellcrank developed with Scott Babbage. 
Production version available here: http://www.sailingbits.com/class-specific/moth/moth-adjustable-bellcrank/
Bolts with streamlined heads. Used on UAVs and various sailboat classes
Experimental Finn mast chocks for NB Sailsports
18′ Skiff rig spanners for Allmarine. Available here:
Tasar fittings for NB Sailsports.
Available here: http://www.nbsailsports.com.au/store/product-info.php?pid1365.html
Trophies for A Class Catamaran Nationals