Dario's Lab

First Post

Hello and welcome to the Carbonicboats blog.

We are ‘getting with the times’ and hope to post developments and news here on a regular basis.
Feedback is welcome, as always.

It is an exciting time with the America’s Cup entering a new cycle and several cool projects underway during the Australian winter.

We are selecting builders for production of Octave, our International M class RC yacht.

The prototype Octave is being rigged by Ray Joyce in Tasmania. All pictures featured of this boat are provided by Ray.

The IOM Black Ice is also being readied for production.

We have a 45′ yacht concept underway for a customer, and work continues on our A Division Catamaran development.

UAV prototypes are undergoing flight testing.  We are already looking at some radical concepts for launch and retrieval (having identified VTOL as a key requirement for wider adoption).

Carbonicboats exists with a mission to bring elegant engineering and advanced composites to premium markets. We’ve already diversified into aerospace applications as well as taking on some automotive and architectural projects.

To reflect this diversification we recently updated our branding to Carbonix.  This will be rolled out as we develop new collateral, starting with the new website.

Here’s to another iteration of our website. May it serve to inform and inspire.