Dario's Lab

Katana Marblehead Tooling

Some images of the mould files ready to cut.

In the case of hull and deck, male patterns will be machined to replicate the finished outer surfaces. Composite moulds will then be taken from the patterns which also incorporate the mould mating flanges.

The finished moulds will be made such that they can be closed together to allow hull and deck to be cured giving a seamless product. The trick is a ‘slip joint’ where the deck laminate overlaps the hull, extending 12mm below the sheerline. An inflatable bladder made to exactly conform to the shape of the mould cavity applies pressure to the laminate during curing.

The deck incorporates recesses that form trays for the RC gear. The tooling is designed to allow them to be moulded as part of the deck. Alternatively the recesses can be left out of the deck, moulded separately and dropped in as required.

Locating features and bonding flanges for the new centreboard case and mast tube systems are also incorporated in the machined patterns to ensure accuracy.

Moulds for bulb, fin, rudder, transom and other small details are being machined directly from metal.