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MIA Podcast – Episode 17: Dario Valenza of Carbonix

Carbonix advances the horizons of aerial data solutions to give customers a competitive edge. They are specialists in long-range and large-area aerial surveillance and precision data capture.

From national park conservation to detailed agriculture mapping and aerial auditing of a 270,000km power network, Carbonix RPAS deliver mission success across diverse industries with unrivalled stability, precision, and accuracy.

Dario Valenza, it’s CTO and Founder, joins today’s episode of the MIA Podcastand talks about:

-What Carbonix is
–Provider of aerial data insights
–They use drones to fly and do surveillance
–They use smaller and much cheaper solutions that can be scaled
-Developed the carbon fibre and the design processes
-How Carbonix helps their customers make decisions on ground operations through the aerial data they provide
-How their “models” are carefully picked depending on the customer’s needs
-Its uniqueness lies in their lightweight and long-range aircraft
-How you need to be in the know to know
-What Dario was into before he started Carbonix
-Part of the CArbonix solution uses the materials that they have manufactured
-How they are with R&D
-Their internship program
-How investing means wanting to take risks
-The right attitude to support what you’re doing
-How do we need AU manufacturing
-Eventually, someone will look at your digital and PR presence too

And many more, including Dario’s thoughts on our main topic: “Will Australian Manufacturing ever return to the glory days of the ’60s?”