Dario's Lab

Test Platform: AUS 794

Just took delivery of this Boyer MkIV. Though not at the cutting edge, this boat represents a known platform, and a practical test bed for our development ideas.
The plan is to gradually modify the boat, replacing discrete components with our prototype parts.
Once we are happy with the detailing, we can transfer the successful ideas and components onto our newer second platform and eventually onto our prototype.
This is part of a broader programme to gather data (qualitative and quantitative) on the class as a starting point for the Carbonicboats A Cat project.
Those of you familiar with the Victorian scene might recognise the boat as the aptly named Obsession.
As our followers already know, at Carbonicboats our mission is to make the experience of the user of our products as pleasurable as possible. We believe in responding to the needs of the user with well designed, well thought out solutions, arrived at via careful research and development.
If you want your sailing to be fun, fast, ergonomically right, and good value, you can rely on our approach in the knowledge that we have done our homework.