Dario's Lab

What It Is

Answer to the SA quiz about this pic:
Rapid proof-of-concept prototype of a system to adjust rudder winglet/elevator Angle of Attack in real time.

Actuated by twisting the tiller extension, it uses worm drives to rake the entire cassette on both hulls, maintaining rudder balance but adjusting the lift produced by the rudder foils.
It is also possible to adjust the rudders independently to get more lift on one side than the other.

This first iteration was a bit of a rush project in the lead-up to the Worlds.
The aim was to determine whether differential lift settings on different points of sail would give a net benefit.

The adjuster units had to be a self contained ‘bolt on’ addition so they could be easily removed without structural alterations to the boat.

Results are mixed and testing is ongoing. A more refined version has been made and is being tried now.
The project is for the Team New Zealand sailing squad, by CarbonicBoats with significant engineering input from Ben Guymer around component fabrication with short lead-times.