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Piercing Insights – Part 3

We saw in Part 1 and Part 2 that generalised statements about the handling qualities of ‘wave piercing’ bows miss the point that bow profile is a reflection of sectional volume distribution, which is a much more useful indicator of design priorities.Multihull bow sections have recently tended to carry volume lower down rather than above […]

Piercing Insights – Part 2

As we’ve seen in previous posts, conventional hulls resist bow down trimming forces by immersing more volume forward. This shifts the centre of buoyancy forward. If the centre of gravity remains stationary or moves aft, the resulting separation gives a bow up righting moment.Tornado style ‘conventional’ raked bow profiles indicate flared hull sections. Meaning the […]

Piercing Insights – Part 1

We are receiving many questions about the pros and cons of so-called wave piercing bows. There seems to be much debate among sailors, partly fuelled by unsubstantiated claims from manufacturers.As our regular followers and clients know, at Carbonicboats we do not make dogmatic proclamations about what our products will do. Instead we explain the reasoning […]

In the Metal

Katana appendage tooling machined directly as female moulds from solid metal… The fin incorporates additional drought so it will be suitable for larger boats such as 10 Raters. It can also be adapted for classes with restricted drought such as the IOM. The lower Reynolds Numbers characteristic of IOM class boats makes it advantageous to use the top part […]

BlackIce in Production Under License

Parts for the first production BleckIce IOM. The short fin trunk only extends up as far as the waterline. The RC shelf provides structural support for the fin, which also incorporates a LERE that is accommodated in a recess in the hull. Please note that this boat is not produced in house by Carbonicboats. The […]

BlackIce IOM Plug Milled

Chris Lawrence has had the first plug milled for BlackIce. Moulds and a prototype will follow…