Dario's Lab

Year in Review 2016

As Carbonix approaches its fifth birthday, here is a selection of images portraying the things we have created this year.


Congratulations to Sergio Vela, who placed third at the European Spring Championship, using retrofitted Paradox 2014 steering system.

Farewell 2014

Some images looking back on a year of regrouping, transition, and growth: Production L rudders, proven at the A Class Catamaran Worlds Mould for experimental T rudder elevator with junction bulb.  Part of extensive R&D work on appendages Rudder gudgeon assembly with ‘between races’ rake adjustment Experimental gudgeons with ‘on the fly’ rake adjustment via […]


Here is an extended mix showing some early runs with experimental control system foil configurations. Though there is still vast untapped potential, these sequences give a flavour of what is surely to come. Everyone who tried it commented, through a persistent grin, that it is easy and feels secure.As often repeated on this site, the […]

Paving the Way

Lots to report as we continue to test over the winter… We are working on the next-generation Paradox A Class Cat design for the 2015 season, resolving the details for all new tooling to be created in-house at a new facility. Now that our new expanded production facility is operational we can tackle such jobs […]

Another Result

Using Paradox rudder blades retrofitted to his customised DNA platform, Mischa Heemskerk dominated the first Dutch event of the 2014 season at Muiderzand with 5 bullets out of six races. Skilfully balancing in good foiling trim, the instant expertly captured in a nice still image. Remaining in this trim requires very active control. Image copyright Jasper […]


Some thoughts on our recent testing with heave-stable ‘acute L’ foils (L/V for short). This experiment had one aim: To prove that a simple cheap upgrade is possible to convert existing A Class catamarans to stable foiling without major structural modifications. The story so far We knew from previous testing that L/V foils give stable […]

A World(s) of Learning – Part 2

One more post on appendages. Then we can look at other areas of development such as aerodynamic tailoring and control systems/ergonomics. Glenn Ashby balancing nicely on J foils and Paradox rudders. Photo by Rhenny Fermor of www.sailingshots.com.au Steering system The new kinetic techniques used to promote early flight, combined with much higher top speeds, really […]


With the A Cat Europeans and Australian Nationals coming up, it is a very exciting time in the class. Paradox will not be at these events as we are well into finalising the production design that, as you will see very soon, is a totally new boat with most key concepts re-visited. Looking back at […]

A Different Look

Some quick snaps of the last shell just out of the mould. We are building a series of 10 Katana Marbleheads using a special hybrid cloth. The red bits are Kevlar. No change in structural properties, just a different and unique look. We will keep the boats in stock so grab yours today!