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More FAQs

This is the second post in response to questions we are receiving frequently, mostly in connection with design choices on Paradox and how they may compare to developments seen elsewhere. I have added ‘FAQ’ as a label so in future these posts can be filtered out by those (fellow sailing nerds) who are interested… Why […]


This week we started production of tooling for an improved rudder design for Paradox. Design work from here on in is entirely in-house. Considerable drag reductions should be possible through increasing the efficiency of the ‘L’ surface. This is achieved by improving the aspect ratio of the horizontal foil.  Increasing the aspect ratio dramatically reduces […]

Balancing Act

After testing four different prototypes, here is the latest version of the rudder cassettes that we will supply with your ParadoxA Class Catamaran. Once again, the optimum choice strikes a balance between different considerations.  In fact, the design of this component is a great illustration of how the best solutions use the most appropriate materials […]