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Volanti Development Story – Part 2

As already mentioned, being able to ‘mix and match’ different airframe elements is vital to satisfying different specific mission requirements. The base structural component is what we call the ‘wing-box’ which is effectively the central fuselage and inboard wing-roots including the main carry-through spar.

Parallels Between Drones Today and the PC in the ’70s

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak took an interest in the Carbonix Volanti VTOL RPAS at a recent tech community event.. Fascinating to hear him relate how the current rapid development in UAV technology “must feel like” the early days of the PC. Those directly involved had an inkling of the potential this new technology promised, but […]

Aussie Legend Dick Smith Visits Carbonix

Having heard of our innovations in the air and on the water – two passions dear to his heart – Dick Smith paid a visit to Carbonix this week. In inimitable style, he flew his helicopter in and landed on the green at the North end of Cockatoo Island. He stayed for a lengthy tour […]

Commentary on Drone Regulation Principles

Drone regulation – Thoughts from a Manufacturer The ongoing and nuanced discussion about drone regulation is rightly centered on operators’ responsibilities – addressed through measures such as licensing and restrictions.  Specifically making sure procedures, risk assessments and training are in place as well as provisions specific to the airspace where the mission is to be […]

Bowsprit Images

As our Moth bowsprits gain widespread use, it is interesting to reflect on the development process. Like many projects completed by Carbonix, our approach was to narrowly focus on specific issues and address them gradually with iterated design solutions.  Each step being tested on the racetrack where valuable feedback was gathered to determine the next […]

UNSW Mech Presentations

It was great to see the student groups come up with creative solutions to design problems set by industry in this year’s UNSW Mechanical Design 2 subject.


A couple of images from a busy shop. Our new website is nearing completion so more detailed info will be available soon – on our UAV work especially, as well as the ongoing foiling sailboat projects.

The Carbonix Way

This short interview aims to give customers a bit more insight into our advanced carbon composite products, our manufacturing processes and our design techniques. Everything we do here at Carbonix is about precision, quality, and innovation. We hope this comes across in our videos. If you have any questions – just ask us. Over to […]


An opening exists for a junior laminator and fabricator at Carbonicboats. The position includes loading prepreg into moulds, assembly tasks, bonding, finishing and general hands-on work under supervision. Some experience is preferable, but the right attitude is vital. The successful applicant will be passionate about quality and technology, reliable, ethical, and committed. A number of […]

Octave Jib Booms

Ray Joyce continues to develop the Octave prototype. Notice that all adjustments use ‘finite’ steps located by means of pins/holes or notches to guarantee accuracy, replicability, and prevent movement under varying loads. The design envelope of Octave is being mapped with a view to optimising the eventual production boat with an emphasis on upwind/downwind rig […]