Dario's Lab

Octave Marblehead Prototype Rigs: Bungees

A beautiful precision job and a snazzy detail by Ray Joyce. The idea is to incorporate a bungee into the Dyneema ‘limiter’ strop for the automatic speed/height ‘moding’ adjustment on the swing rigs. A lesser mortal would have tied the bungee separately, but this would have left an untidy loop of Dyneema when the limiter […]

Das Auto

A view of design detailing for an open wheeler tub. The client was kind enough to allow us to share this view of the main carbon safety cell prior to fine detailing. Very interesting to apply our knowledge and tools to different worlds. While we are on cars… Here is a view of a prototype […]

40′ Day Racer

Some images from a study commissioned by a Sydney owner for a harbour racer/day boat. The concept is for a very clean, simple boat, easily handled by a small crew. Cockpit size is prioritised over internal volume and accommodation. A deep fixed keel can be retracted to reduce draught. The hull form is of moderate […]