Dario's Lab

Farewell 2014

Some images looking back on a year of regrouping, transition, and growth: Production L rudders, proven at the A Class Catamaran Worlds Mould for experimental T rudder elevator with junction bulb.  Part of extensive R&D work on appendages Rudder gudgeon assembly with ‘between races’ rake adjustment Experimental gudgeons with ‘on the fly’ rake adjustment via […]


New Moth bow mechanism developed with Scott Babbage now available from SailingBits. CarbonicBoats worked with Scott to develop a system with less friction, almost zero play, and built-in adjustment of gearing and wand length. Four prototypes incorporating different shapes and bearing materials were created and tested before the production version could be signed off. A great project […]


Here is the first production item emerging from our development work in collaboration with Moth guru Scott Babbage. Billet machined bellcrank now available from http://www.sailingbits.com/ The brief was to develop control system components that minimised play (manifested as slop/bumps in the foiling ride) while maintaining full adjustability. More bits are under development and will be available […]


Some thoughts on our recent testing with heave-stable ‘acute L’ foils (L/V for short). This experiment had one aim: To prove that a simple cheap upgrade is possible to convert existing A Class catamarans to stable foiling without major structural modifications. The story so far We knew from previous testing that L/V foils give stable […]

S Foils FAQ: Why the Top Bend?

The bottom inflection on the foils for Paradox is there to give stability in heave (controlling ride height). This solution is unique to our A Cat and other Martin Fischer designs such as the GC32 and Flying Phantom.The upper inflection is a way to adjust overall dihedral angle. It has also been seen on the ETNZ […]

Digital Age

The first batch of our new Swing Rig Blocks. They come in three different ‘flavours’ to accommodate different main boom angles for different clew heights between suits. As our regular followers know, we are always passionate about sharing lessons learned in development and explaining evolving methodologies. For Katana we engineered and prototyped moulds for making […]

Carbonix Collaborates with Kedo

Here are some preview images of the Kedo range of carbon fibre houseware and furniture. These creations are made using a proprietary technique that gives the best features of glassware, with the unique aesthetics of carbon fibre. You can buy Kedo products now in Australia and New Zealand only from Carbonix. Choose from the standard […]