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Farewell 2014

Some images looking back on a year of regrouping, transition, and growth: Production L rudders, proven at the A Class Catamaran Worlds Mould for experimental T rudder elevator with junction bulb.  Part of extensive R&D work on appendages Rudder gudgeon assembly with ‘between races’ rake adjustment Experimental gudgeons with ‘on the fly’ rake adjustment via […]


The nature of our UAV work (under the Carbonix brand) is such that we don’t regularly get to share it with the public. Confidentiality is often an important consideration in the aerospace game so it is exciting that on this occasion we can reveal images of a recent project. These are the first airframes of […]

Checking In

Click here to read a Q&A Session with Martin Vanzulli who is doing a great job of keeping the A Class website up to date as well as running the Catsailingnews blog. The interview covers our V3 Paradox A Class design (nearing production) as well as our ongoing foil R&D work. The final questions are […]


Here is the first production item emerging from our development work in collaboration with Moth guru Scott Babbage. Billet machined bellcrank now available from http://www.sailingbits.com/ The brief was to develop control system components that minimised play (manifested as slop/bumps in the foiling ride) while maintaining full adjustability. More bits are under development and will be available […]


Here is an extended mix showing some early runs with experimental control system foil configurations. Though there is still vast untapped potential, these sequences give a flavour of what is surely to come. Everyone who tried it commented, through a persistent grin, that it is easy and feels secure.As often repeated on this site, the […]

Bel Paese

Some great images of Andrea Ferrari racing his Paradox V2 in Italy

Back to the Future

I have hinted in previous posts that the new home of CarbonicBoats / Carbonix is in a rather special place. Now the bulk of the preparation work is behind us, the Sydney International Boatshow is as good an occasion as any to reveal a bit more about our choice of this little known but fascinating […]


As already mentioned, we have spent lots of time on the water recently, with different foil concepts, testing, evaluating and tuning. Some tests with Paradox sailing alone and some in the company of other known fast A Cats. It is safe to say that we are getting a handle on key issues and how they […]