Dario's Lab

2015 Paradox

First Public Introduction of our All New Version 3 A Class Catamaran   Concept –          Speed, stability, easy to tune for different conditions, value, elegant engineering. –          Benefiting from three years of structured testing, data collection and validation. –          Developed in close collaboration with Glenn Ashby. –          Built in Australia to aerospace standards.   Hull Shape […]

Farewell 2014

Some images looking back on a year of regrouping, transition, and growth: Production L rudders, proven at the A Class Catamaran Worlds Mould for experimental T rudder elevator with junction bulb.  Part of extensive R&D work on appendages Rudder gudgeon assembly with ‘between races’ rake adjustment Experimental gudgeons with ‘on the fly’ rake adjustment via […]

Sneak Peek

Machining of the plugs is underway. The time to show all is getting closer. For now here is a taste…

First Post

Hello and welcome to the Carbonicboats blog. We are ‘getting with the times’ and hope to post developments and news here on a regular basis. Feedback is welcome, as always. It is an exciting time with the America’s Cup entering a new cycle and several cool projects underway during the Australian winter. We are selecting […]