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Carbonix Featured in StartUp Daily and AusBis

Following the feature in the Australian Financial Review, some more interest was picked up by the Australian press. Here is an interview with Founder and CTO Dario Valenza (the segment starts at 9min 20sec): https://www.ausbiz.com.au/media/startup-daily-tuesday-24-august-microsoft-drones-and-cybersecurity?videoId=13923 And companion article:

Carbonix Featured in the Australian Financial Review

Carbonix recognised by the Australian Financial Review on occasion of some significant milestones for the business. For more than 65 years The Australian Financial Review has been the authority on business, finance and investment news in Australia. It has a reputation for independent, award-winning journalism and is essential reading for Australia’s business and investor community. […]

Carbonix Partners with Honeywell to add Satellite Connectivity

Honeywell identifies Domani as the leading craft to integrate its new small form-factor airborne satellite communication hub. Radio communication range is a limiting factor for efficient fixed-wing drones. Carbonix already offers a mesh radio network that can practically extend range. But where such infrastructure can’t be put in place, satellite connectivity is the only alternative. […]

Carbonix Supports Mining Rehabilitation

New technologies such as drones were in the spotlight at an important mining rehabilitation conference in Newcastle in April 2018. Watch the Channel 9 news report and the Carbonix interview here.

Carbonix on Channel 9

Watch our prime time clip on Channel 9 News, identifying Carbonix as pioneering commercial VTOL drones for industry and defence.

Marvelling at the Commonplace in Nature

Familiar elements of our environment often reveal, on close inspection, insights that can inform us when designing machines intended to perform in similar circumstances. Where designers have the ability to start from scratch, cumulatively selected natural structures show how an efficient arrangement can emerge from an arbitrary starting point, with a limited ‘kit of parts’. […]

Not all Drones are Created Equal: Where Should we be Investing?

‘Drone’ is now a buzzword in the tech world.  We read every day about new uses, across a steadily growing range of industries.  And as players start the battle to claim their piece of the ‘early adopter’ drone pie, it’s important to understand that not all drones are created equal.


You’ve probably noticed that suddenly ‘drones’ seem to be everywhere. Multi rotor filming platforms, potential parcel delivery systems, recreational FPV (First Person View) quad-copters… Unmanned Aircraft Systems have exploded into the public consciousness. Seemingly every day a new, creative application is dreamed up to either do at a much lower cost what only manned aircraft could do […]


We now have an opening for a composite fabricator/shipwright.   Our workload is growing so we would like to take on another team member.Projects include UAV airframes, customer parts, RC yachts, and our A Class catamaran.A good mix of one-off prototypes for R&D, and production items.   If you possess skills in carbon fiber pre-peg […]